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Getting ready for the Workshop

This will be my first workshop, and I could not be any more thrilled. I have been practicing the models and selecting the very best kind of paper for the attendees. I only have to finish doing the presentation and I will be fully ready for it. I am so excited, maybe a bit nervous… Continue reading Getting ready for the Workshop

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Unforgiving paper for a tough-looking fox

Normally I fold the figures with a 80g/m2 kind of paper, but this time I thought this little cute fox would look nice if I used a thinner paper, 40g/m2. However, it was not until I finish folding the figure when I realized that the paper is not only thinner but unforgiving, I made a… Continue reading Unforgiving paper for a tough-looking fox

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Monochrome Bell Flowers

I hope you do not think these flowers look too dull. The combination of white, greys and black work fantastic in this pot. It is a very nice minimalist style that looks elegant. Maybe I should try a few others design with these colors, what do you think? Folding Instructions: Leaf Piece Don't forget to… Continue reading Monochrome Bell Flowers