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Monochrome Bell Flowers

I hope you do not think these flowers look too dull. The combination of white, greys and black work fantastic in this pot. It is a very nice minimalist style that looks elegant. Maybe I should try a few others design with these colors, what do you think? Folding Instructions: Leaf Piece Don't forget to… Continue reading Monochrome Bell Flowers


Smoothly Designed (51/100)

Smoothly Designed
By Adriana

Late at night, when quietness is in the middle of its show

my stealthy hands slowly wander in the paper chateau,

a place of foreign colours and carefully chosen designs 

where the perfect size and shape will be eagerly combine.

The paper calls and the folds smoothly slide through

as if their destined intriguing shape, they always knew,

My hands know their task and they continuously crease galore,

as if they never get tired, doing origami is what they adore. 

The night goes on, but in a blink these flowers were made

and I smile at them, knowing their beauty will never fade.

And now that I look at them, I have a lovely thought in mind 

the day I wear white, I'd like to have my own bouquet designed.