When I was six years old I saw on T.V. a short tutorial of how to make a paper crane. I was so fascinated not only about the final figure, but the delicate process it required.

The channel where I watched the tutorial, also used to show many other designs, which I was able to master with ease, even at that age. But the crane needed more challenging folds and the result was without a doubt a truly elegant, sophisticated figure.

Back in those day, I did not have a way to play the tutorial over and over, so I decided to prepare paper and wait until the play it again. I did not know when this would happen, some times they would play the crane tutorial once or twice a week, but little-me was ready all the time.

It took several weeks and trials until I was finally able to successfully finish it, but after that first challenge, my hands have never stopped creating paper art. My mom still keeps that first crane.

Now, I do not have to wait for tutorials to be played on T.V., here are some of the channels and pages from where the designs.

Youtube Channels:

  1. Origami Spirit by Leyla Torres
  2. Jo Nakashima – Origami Tutorials
  3. Amazing Easy Origami – Yakomoga


  1. Origami Instructions
  2. Origami Flower

My collection of paper kept on growing and so did my expertise in paper folding. Now, I mostly specialize in home decoration items, such as flower pots and mobiles. It started as a way to draw a smile in my friends and family, and now I have officially sold my first 3 flower pots. Hoping for expand a little, I decided to open a small company with the help and support of my beloved Gregor.

Origami will always remain my hobby, but I hope I can satisfy your eyes with the folding of my hands.

Adriana, origamist

August 30, 2019