Smoothly Designed (51/100)

Smoothly Designed By Adriana Late at night, when quietness is in the middle of its show my stealthy hands slowly wander in the paper chateau, a place of foreign colours and carefully chosen designs  where the perfect size and shape will be eagerly combine. The paper calls and the folds smoothly slide through as if their destined intriguing shape, they always knew, My hands know their task and they continuously crease galore, as if they never get tired, doing origami is what they adore.  The night goes on, but in a blink these flowers were made and I smile at them, knowing their beauty will never fade. And now that I look at them, I have a lovely thought in mind  the day I wear white, I'd like to have my own bouquet designed. 


Dedicatedly Achieved (50/100)

Dedicatedly Achieved By Adriana Open your eyes and don't be deceived this what you see is to be believed, it took hours of folding to be conceived but roses out of paper were finally achieved. Red roses are the most traditional, but oranges are the most unconditional, while the pink one is the most transitional, the purple one is merely additional. Now they rest on mom's living room, standing guard for anybody's gloom, there they'll stay for a long time, I assume, as they will never die but also, they won't further bloom.